Award-winning Artist Michelle Qureshi is a composer, multi‐instrumentalist, & classically-trained guitarist who brings a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic  to her vast catalog of music.

Performing house concerts, festivals, yoga studios, sound immersions and more, her albums are heard globally on New Age, Ambient, and Guitar music programs. 

Discography Albums: Sage (2019) Harmonic Dreams (2019) Guitar Sojourner (2019) Silver Chord & Short Stories (2018) Seventh Wave (2017)

Scattering Stars (2016) Margalla Hills (2015) Meditations, Flow, & Suite Beats (2014) Illumination & Of Light (2012)

Singles: Asleep With Windows Open, As It Once Was & Because We Knew (2019) Floating & Inside the Lightbox (2018) 

Artist Ambassador for Furch Guitars | Villela Guitars |Timberline Guitars | Journey Instruments | Elite Acoustics | ROLI | Oasis Classical Strings | Nicola Strings| Spectraflex     

About Michelle's Music
"Michelle’s music encompasses the beauty life holds...her complex melodic arrangements hang masterfully woven together, creating the soundscapes of life."  ~Derek Lefholz | 
"She seems more of a sonic sorceress using a wide range of instruments and technology in her artistic alchemy." ~Michael Diamond | "Calming, sensitive, beautifully composed music, Michelle Qureshi’s work provokes my imagination, and touches my soul. Absolutely brilliant!"  ~Lee Bice-Matheson, Author| "Michelle's music embodies the essence of joy, meditation and prayer while creating a sense of spaciousness. Her etheric sounds allow listeners to float down River Divine."  ~Lily Kessler, Blooming Life Yoga Studi

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