Award-winning Artist Michelle Qureshi is a composer, multi‐instrumentalist, and classically-trained guitarist who brings a

contemporary yet timeless aesthetic  to her music. Her music is heard globally with millions of streams on various platforms.

Michelle offers both solo guitar performances and Harmonic Sound Immersions.



Albums: Within (2020 myndstream) Sage (2019) Harmonic Dreams (2019) Guitar Sojourner (2019)

Silver Chord & Short Stories (2018) Seventh Wave (2017) Scattering Stars (2016)

Margalla Hills (2015) Meditations, Flow, & Suite Beats (2014) Illumination & Of Light (2012)

Singles: Night of a Thousand Stars (2021 myndstream) Of the Harvest, Asleep With Windows Open, 

As It Once Was & Because We Knew (2019) Floating & Inside the Lightbox (2018

"Michelle’s music encompasses the beauty life holds...her complex melodic arrangements hang together,masterfully  creating the soundscapes of life."  ~Derek Lefholz,  Embark Music  "She seems more of a sonic sorceress using a wide range of instruments and technology in her artistic alchemy." ~Michael Diamond, Music Critic  "Calming, sensitive, beautifully composed music, Michelle Qureshi’s work provokes my imagination, and touches my soul. Absolutely brilliant!"  ~Lee Bice-Matheson, Author

Artist Ambassador for Furch Guitars | Villela Guitars |Timberline Guitars |  Elite Acoustics | Prolix Music | La Bella Strings| Spectraflex     

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