Michelle Qureshi is an award winning artist who is a classically trained guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and composer who brings a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic to the rich tapestry that is her music. Offering 13 albums, 3 EPs, and 22 singles since 2012, Michelle’s music has tens of millions of streams on global platforms. Combining her formal training with intuitive and improvisational elements, she performs both as a solo guitarist and a presenter of sound experiences. Her Harmonic Sound Immersion™ is a transformative sound meditation created by the healing vibrations of ancient and modern instruments, a kind of horizontal concert.


A Blueprint for Life

The album “A Blueprint for Life” presents five acoustic guitar-centered works that are richly layered in both sound and symbolism. The titles offer poetic yet practical renderings of the architectural details found in a home: Open Window, Hidden Lines, Spiral Staircase, Hearth, and Elevations. Musically, the sound from the guitars range from shiny and brilliant to dark and velvety, exploring timbres and moods with moments of density then space. While the first four tracks engage the listener by weaving complex melodic patterns, the final piece, Elevations, brings the foundation of these structures in time to simple, singular guitar notes plucked gently over ambient layers, lightly introduced in the other tracks, but now quite present. Energetically, a blueprint refers to the design of one’s life plan and purpose. This home houses music from my heart and soul.

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Luminous Fields

This is a beautiful, meditative instrumental piece featuring a Native American flute. The long, breathy notes are sustained over tonal shifts that wrap a comforting, peaceful layer around the listener. Some delicate notes from a piano are eventually introduced, but the flute remains the focus, and the relaxation, the purpose.

“This lush recording highlights the sheer talent of the artist, she manifests such a deep well of emotion within it, and the vibrational tone of the arrangement is deeply palpable, and incredibly moving.” Steve Sheppard, OWMR

“The peaceful and comforting notes delivered on the flute and piano surround you and create a serene world around you where you begin to discover absolute peace. The extent of relaxation you feel is awesome, and is of a rare and redeeming kind.” Vivek Kumar, New Music Alert


Winter Lullaby

This track features acoustic guitar and piano at play, with some gentle ambient background beds. With a touch of her own distinctive style, her music is a celebration of the elegance and complexity of classical music.

“The softness of her musical palette is utterly beautiful and each textured tone, a vibrancy of bliss and calm.”
Steve Sheppard, One World Music


Slipped Away

Solo guitar in a moderately paced, laid back tempo with nostalgic elements, this is Slipped Away, referencing time yet happening in a moment of timelessness.

“Within Slipped Away we are gifted another wondrous moment to sit back in the quiet of the afternoon, and watch the dust dancing with the filtered sanguine autumn light that cascades in through the open curtains. This beautiful new creation is another segment of artistic intelligence and sublime acoustic craft, Qureshi doesn’t just play the notes, she feels each and everyone of them.”
Steve Sheppard, One World Music


A Blueprint for Life (2023)

Within (2020)

Sage (2019)

Harmonic Dreams (2019)

Guitar Sojourner (2019)

Silver Chord (2018)

Short Stories (2018)

Seventh Wave (2017)

Scattering Stars ( 2016)

Margalla Hills (2015)

Meditations (2014)

Flow (2014)

Suite Beats (2014)

Illumination (2012)

Of Light (2012)


Mayan Trails (2023)

Within This Night (2023)

Walk at Dusk (2023)

American Prelude (2023)

Tomorrow By Another Name (2022)

Night of a Thousand Stars (2021)

Of the Harvest (2019)

Asleep with Windows Open (2019)

As It Once Was (2019)

Because We Knew (2019)

Floating (2018)

Inside the Lightbox (2018)

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