A Day On Venus

“A Day On Venus” is a collection of 18 musical pieces drawn from celestial and mystical inspiration.The planet, Venus, with its unique aspects, symbolizes many things. Venus is known as the “Goddess of Love and Beauty.” The Rose of Venus is the sacred geometry pattern the orbit of Venus forms as she dances with Earth.The planet’s own orbit creates the special and sacred mandala. And a day on planet Venus is leisurely, as the planet spins slowly and clockwise, taking 243 Earth days.Therefore, a day on Venus is longer than its year and it has a sunrise every 117 Earth days. The Rose of Venus, depicted in the album art for “A Day On Venus,” is a replica of the sacred geometric pattern created by the 8-year cycle of Venus orbiting the Earth, forming a perfect five petal rose. This design, much like the music on this album, is imbued with the healing energies of Venus, aligning with universal love, compassion,and harmony. The music on this album is unique, not just from track to track, but also within the form of each piece.