Trusting in the power and inherent spirituality of music with its great potential to unite, connect, and touch us all, Michelle shares her music at concerts, festivals, house concerts, in yoga studios, wellness centers, and for special events. In 2019 she debuted her Harmonic Sound Immersion™ which is a transformative sound meditation created by the healing vibrations of ancient & modern instruments. As a self-taught guitarist in her teens, performing and teaching locally, she had aspirations toward a more expansive understanding of music. Initially starting her undergraduate work in psychology, she recognized her need for creative expression, so she changed her course of study and started out, at twenty, as a beginning classical guitar student in pursuit of the discipline and knowledge that a formal music education promised. She was elected to the music honor society Pi Kappa Lambda, and graduated with Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from The Cleveland Institute of Music | Case Western Reserve University with honors.
   Professional awards and nominations for her music include recognition from Zone Music Reporter and One World Music Radio, with releases on various music charts as well. A Blueprint for Life was released in May 2023, earning top spots on the charts and playlists, and features on SXM Spa. In May 2021 Within was awarded Best Acoustic Album by One World Music Radio as well as a place on the “Top Ten New Age Albums of 2021” on New Age Music Guide. "The music on “Within” is contemporary, yet timeless."  Dyan Garris, "like a desperately needed miraculous healing" Jonathan Wildran. In 2019 she released Sage, Harmonic Dreams, Guitar Sojourner, Of the Harvest, Asleep with Windows Open, As it Once Was and Because We Knew. Silver Chord, an album of deep ambient tunes, as well as Short Stories, an acoustic guitar album, received ZMR nominations in 2018, and she also released An Offering, Floating and Inside the Lightbox. Her 2017 album Seventh Wave was nominated for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album of the year by ZMR, the industry source for New Age, World, Ambient, Electronic, Instrumental Music, with many months on the top 100 Airplay Chart. Scattering Stars won Best Ambient Album from One World Music Radio in 2017 and placed in the top 50 albums of the year on the ZMR charts. Scattering Stars ranked in the top 25 albums for Echoes Radio and was an "Editor's Pick" and "Staff Pick" on CD Baby. Her music is heard on most streaming services as well as Sirius XM, Echoes, The River of Calm, and many independent and public radio programs.

Michelle is an Artist Ambassador for
Stonebridge Guitars | Furch| LaBella Strings | Elite Acoustics | Timberline GuitarsProlix Music

A few words about Michelle

“Michelle Qureshi is an award winning, chart topping composer that marries spirituality with intention.”
RJ Lannan, Ambient Visions

“The softness of her musical palette is utterly beautiful and each textured tone, a vibrancy of bliss and calm.”
Steve Sheppard, One World Music

“Michelle’s music is a gift. She weaves together sounds which facilitate the opening of pathways within the listener to have journeys deep within. Her music has taken me to otherworldly, unknown and yet familiar, realms of consciousness.”
Kara Goodwin, The Meditation Conversation 

“Calming, sensitive, beautifully composed music, Michelle Qureshi’s work provokes my imagination, and touches my soul. Absolutely brilliant!” 
Lee Bice-Matheson, Author, Paige Maddison Series
“Michelle Qureshi is a gifted musician and songwriter who creates heart touching experiences for her audience. Her music helps take you to the Radiant One and calls you to a passionate engagement with the world.”
Richard Brendan, Radio Host of Journeysfire

“She seems more of a sonic sorceress using a wide range of instruments and technology in her artistic alchemy.” 
Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

“Michelle has delivered a refreshingly unique and creative album that offers an impressive configuration of subtly varied guitar-playing styles with ambient and minimalist soundscapes.” 
Candice Michelle,  Journeyscapes Radio

“Michelle’s music encompasses the beauty life holds. Her musicianship helps her songs maintain a sound of simplicity, while her complex melodic arrangements hang masterfully woven together, creating the soundscapes of life.” 
Derek Lefholz, Embark Music 

“I sometimes open my reviews with a statement like "Guitarist so and so's new album…" and I could do that with Michelle Qureshi's Seventh Wave, but to be honest, she plays so much more than guitars on this album that it would be misleading to say the least. On this bold, adventurous, and broad of vision recording, she plays acoustic and electric guitars, Native American flute, didgeridoo, cello, banjo, steel tongue drum, percussion, keyboards, synths, and adds vocals too.”       
Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter

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