Ten tracks of ambient-new age fusion mulit-instrumental music!

“As in other many other genres, in the world of ambient/new age music, there seems to be an unwritten rule that artists should “pick a lane,” mastering one specific style or vibe as a composer/performer. Over the past 12-plus years, multi-instrumentalist Michelle Qureshi has gloriously defied these norms, charting high and earning nonstop accolades from all the influential publications and platforms (Zone Music Reporter, One World Music Radio, New Age Notes, Echoes Radio, etc.) because she dares to follow different muses with each compelling recording.”
Jonathan Widran, JW Vibe

“Zindagi is her new ten-track album that expands magnificently on her work as a multi-instrumentalist, finding expression across many genres. “Zindagi” means ‘life,” and the music on the album explores the many facets of life through music; its joyfulness, vibrance, sanctity, and our universal connectivity.”
Dyan Garris, New Age Notes